Online Training At Home

Hunter Valley Martial Arts Centre has rolled out a fantastic online package that we think will allow everyone to continue to train to the best of their ability. We strongly recommend that you continue to train, pre-test, grade and receive your next belt. Not only can you keep grading, but you get both the Vimeo Showcase and the App as well as the personalised kata and pre-testing sessions.

We believe in our community and we believe in the value of martial arts now more than ever in people’s lives and so are determined that all of our members continue to benefit from what we know our programs bring to people’s lives during these most challenging of times.

So please just call your local dojo immediately and it will be our sincere pleasure to help you.

Yours in service,

All of the HVMAC Team.


Register before 31/5/2020 and pay $79 registration fee which includes a uniform and only $20 per week!


  • Access to HVMAC’s state of the art Vimeo Showcase Online Learning Portal
  • Access to live streamed mini classes and group check-ins – accessible by Zoom.
  • Access to live kata correction and pre-testing sessions via Zoom with your instructor
  • Uninterrupted Striping and Belt Progression (grading fee applies)
  • Online interactive grading and your Belts will either be home delivered or mailed to you.
  • Access to the HVMAC training app featuring all curriculums you require, kata and mini-tips from master instructor Kyoshi Hayes and his team of senior instructors.
  • Wholesale prices + postage on all equipment during this period of interruption – get pads, strike shields and mats to build your own home mini Dojo!