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If you have ever thought about learning karate, dreamt about earning a black belt or  even just considered taking part in a martial arts programme… Well here is your opportunity to make it happen.  Get in touch with HVMAC and let us show you how to:

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(02) 4956 8876


Warners Bay

Unit 3D | 321 Hillsborough Road Warners Bay (02) 4956 8876


Unit 6 | 390 Pacific Highway Belmont (02) 4945 8876


Unit 4 | 25 Alliance Avenue Morisset (02) 4973 5575


Unit 2 | 27 Crescent Road Waratah (02) 4967 7511

News & Events
  • Peer pressure has an upside! Isn’t it great when we can see our kids achieve potential that they themselves didn’t even realise? Isn’t that just the juice that keeps us as parents (and Sensei’s!) persisting?......

  • Don’t you love it when you’re reminded of how much kids can do when we expect it! Parent’s of the beginner Dynamites classes have heard me say that tournaments, particularly the Kata event, really helps......

  • HSC time is coming….Thank God for Karate! As if we didn’t need a reminder, especially those parents of year 11 and 12 students, which for us is two of our three daughters. I’m soooo glad......

  • Karate Grading Dates Here are the grading dates for October. Please check with your local dojo for exact times. 23rd Oct – Green Hills 24th Oct – Waratah 25th Oct – Morisset 26th Oct – Redhead......