Hunter Fight Fit

Shihan Sandy Hayes has developed a unique Hunter Fight Fit program modelled from Muay Thai and Kickboxing, and aimed at teens and adults who want a great cardio workout and one that is designed to have you tone up, gain muscle tone and core strength and also learn effective self-defence.

The program utilises our unique wavemaster striking bags, partner held thai pads, shields and focus mitts and is based on impact training to maximise strength and core stability. There is no sparring in the Fight Fit class, but all students will learn streetwise effective self defence techniques, as well as a high level of personal fitness and self- confidence.

Students are graded regularly if they choose to progress toward black belt and will eventually attain the grade of Hunter Fight Fit Black Belt. Students are tested on their basic techniques, set forms, set self-defence, and fitness components, being push ups, sit ups and running.

The Fight Fit curriculum is particularly targeted to teens and adults looking to learn practical self defence and a great workout without the ritual of traditional karate.

Our classes are made specifically for beginners and specifically to get you in the best shape of your life!

We’ll motivate you, energise you, get you feeling healthy and guide you all the way to a leaner, happier and more confident YOU!

Sandy Hayes
Chief Instructor

Shihan Sandy ran the program originally as a women's fitness and self defence program called Cardio Combat in 2010. The program transformed into a Muay Thai based fitness program after many training trips to Thailand with her family. There is still a strong focus on practical self defence in the program. 

Taj Hassan
Senior Instructor and Studio Principal Greenhills

Sensei Taj attained his Second Degree Black Belt in the Hunter Fight Fit program in 2019, and his Third Degree Black Belt in 2023. He runs the program at Greenhills.

Kirk Pitzner
Instructor Morisset

Sensei Kirk attained his Second Degree Black Belt in the Hunter Fight Fit Program in 2021. He runs the program at Morisset.

Anna Hayes
Instructor and Studio Principal Warners Bay

Sensei Anna attained her Black Belt in the Hunter Fight Fit program in 2021, and her Second Degree Black Belt in 2023. She runs the program at Warners Bay.

Kelie Fisher
Instructor Warners Bay

Sensei Kelie attained her Black Belt in the Hunter Fight Fit program in 2014.

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