Dragons – Ages 9 to 14 years

Pre-teens and teenagers are excited by new challenges. They thrive on exploring new boundaries, and are often not sure whether they want to push the boundaries up or sideways. The dragon is a powerful symbol of this kind of creative quest. Dragons are only limited by the power of our imaginations. They are strong, righteous, and have unlimited potential.

Our Dragons classes are characterised by;

  • High energy classes
  • Lots of movement and variation
  • Strong social connections
  • Development of rock solid values that will serve our students well as they move to adulthood

Watch as our Dragons;

  • Transform themselves into strong, flexible and fit young people
  • Develop grace and intense focus as they move through the traditional and beautiful forms of karate
  • Become assertive and controlled through self-defence and sparring exercises
  • Become independent and trusting of their own internal compass as we explore the values that are integral to excellence in martial arts
  • Enjoy themselves immensely!

Dragons is best suited to 10-14 age group, and we have combined the class with our Adults classes to provide more training options for our students.
We recommend a minimum of twice a week training for the Dragons age group.

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