Dynamites – Ages 6 to 9 years

Kyoshi Hayes has developed the exciting Dynamites program for 6 to 9 year olds.

Children are dynamic and unique. The word dynamic comes from the Greek word, dunamis, which means power. We want our Dynamites to empower themselves as individuals who are:

  • Energetic in a happy and healthy way
  • Powerful in their understanding of the potential of their bodies and their minds
  • Self motivated through the discipline and commitment that comes from regular karate training
  • In control when times are tough or when outside influence is strong
  • Inspiring to others in their dedication to finishing what they start

Our Dynamites karate program has seen enormous success, and our classes are now divided into three levels; beginners, intermediate and “supermites”, where students can, (and many have already) achieve their Dynamites black belt and beyond.

Values and beliefs are a central part of our Dynamites program. Every month we focus on our Qualities of a Black Belt to discuss these values and beliefs in class.

Watch as your children develop amazing levels of mental and physical focus, strength, confidence and agility. Parents join in to hold strike shields and focus mitts, and even to role play different scenarios where our students use their blocking skills, escape technique and assertive voice to remove themselves from danger.

Hayes Kyoshi has a teaching background where he specialised in anti-bullying programs and boys’ programs like the Rock and Water program which he now facilitates nationwide. His Bully Buster program is embedded in the Dynamites curriculum, teaching the strategies to counter bullying verbally and physically with use of blocks and escape techniques, building resiliency in our young people.

Dynamites caters for children in Kindergarten to year 3; it’s is the “middle group” of our kids programs, between Minimites/Kindymites and Dragons.

Twice a week training for the Dynamites age group is compulsory.

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