HVMAC Morisset

Address: Unit 4/25 Alliance Avenue,
Morisset 2264

Phone: (02) 4973 5575

Hunter Valley Martial Arts Centre Morisset

Our full time centre at Morisset is run by Sensei Lesley and her team of qualified instructors, who make Morisset a very friendly and welcoming centre.

Sensei Lesley is supported by a black belt team that she has grown in house, providing their experience and support to the Morisset students. Together they run a family oriented centre with a growing group of dedicated students, creating a wonderful learning atmosphere and a welcoming dojo for students of all ages and their families.

Age specific classes include:

Minimites (3-4 years)

Kindymites (5-6 years)

Dynamites (6-9 years)

Dragons (9-14 years)

Adults (14+ years)

We also have Matayoshi Kobudo, and Xtreme performance martial arts.

For those looking for some extra fitness, there is our fantastic Fight Fit program which combines fitness kickboxing and effective self defence in a dynamic workout.

Come down and see our friendly staff and join our martial arts family today!

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HVMAC Morisset Timetable
Lesley Talbut
Shidoin | Senior Instructor | Studio Principal
Born in the UK, Lesley moved with her family to Australia in 2007. Her children started karate at Warners Bay in 2008 and Lesley soon followed finding a passion for martial arts and the values it represented. Opening the Morisset dojo in 2012 meant she was able to follow the dream of helping kids and adults experience what she and her family have from being part of the HVMAC family. Sensei Lesley owns and runs both Morisset and Redhead dojo. 
Lesley is 3rd degree black belt in Chitokai karate and 2nd degree Black Belt in Okinawan Kobudo. She holds a NCAS Bronze Level Coaching accreditation and a Certificate 4 in Fitness Coaching Martial Arts. Lesley is also an Advanced Rock and Water instructor and often teaches the Rock and Water program to Primary and High School kids in local schools.
Erin Talbut
Shidoin | Senior Instructor | Program Director

Sensei Erin began karate in 2008 and achieved her Sandan in 2023 and Kobudo black belt in 2022. Sensei Erin is Program Director and Head Instructor at Redhead dojo and still works closely with her mum for Morisset. Sensei Erin is a bronze level NCAS accredited coach.

Dallas Evans

Sensei Dallas is a senior instructor at Morisset. He started training in 2015 and achieved his Nidan in June 2021. Sensei Dallas also teaches the Xtreme program at Morisset. He also trains in Fight Fit and is an NCAS Bronze coaching accredited instructor. 

Kirk Pitzner
Fight Fit Instructor

Sensei Kirk is the Morisset senior Fight Fit instructor. He started martial arts in 2015 and is a Shodan in karate. Sensei Kirk achieved his Nidan in Fight Fit in June 2021. He also trains in Matayoshi kobudo.

Georgia Dearlove

Sensei Georgia is achieved her Nidan in Chitokai Karate in 2020. She also trains in the Hunter FF Program. 

Neve Elliot

Sensei Neve started karate in 2018 and achieved her Shodan in 2022, as well as her Kobudo black belt in 2023. Sensei Neve is a key instructor in Xtreme and Kobudo Panda's at Morisset. 

Jonah Haines

Sensei Jonah started training at the age of 8. He achieved his Nidan in 2021. Sensei Jonah currently teaches the Xtreme program at Morisset as well as competing in Xtreme at ISKA. 

Stone Pitzner
Assistant Instructor

Sensei Stone achieved his Shodan in 2020, he also trains in Kobudo and Fight Fit. 

Samuel Cannings
Assistant Instructor

Sensei Samuel achieved his Shodan in 2022. He also trains in Hunter Fight Fit and Kobudo. 

Jai Hamilton
Assistant Instructor

Sensei Jai achieved his Junior Shodan in 2022. 

Michelle Cannings
Assistant Program Director

Michelle joined the Morisset team in 2020 after spending many hours at the dojo with her four children. When not at the dojo she is a full time teacher's aide in primary schools. 

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