Black Belt Club

Getting serious about your quest for Black Belt?

Our Black Belt Club is dedicated to those who would like to get really serious about their martial arts journey towards Black Belt. In order to be accepted into the Black Belt Club, you will need to have demonstrated the qualities of training diligence, sincere attitude and correct character, as befits a person well on the road to Black Belt excellence.

Many Black Belt Club students like to expand their Martial Arts knowledge by picking up another program.
The majority of these programs can be joined by kids and adults too, so if you are interested, come and give it a try!

These programs include:

  • Chitokai Karate (Ages 3 and up)
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (Mixed, Womens only, and Matrats for 6-14 yrs)
  • Okinawan¬†Kobudo (Weapons)
  • Fight Fit (Muay Thai & Kickboxing Fitness)
  • Xtreme Martial Arts (Gymnastics + Martial Arts)
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Our other programmes