Adults – Ages 14 and over

Age is not a barrier to becoming a black belt in Chitokai Karate. You will be pleasantly surprised by the mix of ages from 14 to mid 60’s in our beginners class, and by the gender balance. Karate is attractive to people who want to:

  • Get fitĀ and tone up.
  • Learn decisive and street smart self-defence.
  • Enjoy the grace and beauty of traditional karate forms.
  • Enjoy a training atmosphere of enthusiasm, non-judgement and camaraderie.

You will learn the basic movements and skills that you need to form the foundation for your journey toward black belt. Join nearly 500 other students (not all in the one class) who are currently enjoying the journey toward a realisation of a lifelong goal.

You will have a lot of fun and meet like-minded people, forming lifelong friendships along the way. Karate is a great individual pursuit, but also a great family activity, where all members can enjoy a common interest with values and beliefs that reinforce the kinds of family values you promote. We have plenty of families at all of our centres who work together in the centre and at home and go up the belt ranks together, whilst supporting each other through their Martial Arts journeys.

After white belt, you can move into the Intermediate program and later, Advanced program. Eventually you will earn the right to join the Brown and Black Belt programs.We recommend a minimum of twice a week training for the Adults age group.

If you are concerned about your physical abilities due to previous injuries, medical conditions, age, etc, we recommend trying the Wise Warriors program, designed for over 55yr olds.

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