HVMAC Waratah

Address: 2/27 Crescent Road,
Waratah NSW 2298

Phone: (02) 4967 7511

Hunter Valley Martial Arts Centre Waratah

The Hunter Valley Martial Arts Centre at Waratah has been open for almost 5 years.  It is a family operated centre, with the head instructor, Sensei Abi and her mother Shalene working at the front desk. Their synergy makes for a tightly run ship, along with their team of black belt instructors and assistants from the Leadership program.

 The centre has a friendly family atmosphere and there are classes to suit all ages, shapes and sizes, in Chitokai Karate, Okinawan weaponry,  Xtreme martial arts and Kids Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Our instructors encourage learning and growth through self defense and there is a strong emphasis on anti-bullying.

Age specific classes include:

Minimites (3-4 years)

Kindymites (5-6 years)

Dynamites (6-9 years)

Dragons (9-14 years)

Adults (14+ years)

Matrats – Kids BJJ (6-14 years)

Matayoshi Kobudo (Okinawan Weaponry)

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