HVMAC Green Hills

Address: Unit 1a|4A Garnett Road,
Green Hills NSW

Phone: (02) 4933 1196

Hunter Valley Martial Arts Centre Green Hills

Sensei Taj Hassan runs our vibrant Greenhills centre, located conveniently across the road from Stockland Greenhills shopping centre. He is passionate about Chitokai Karate, Okinawan Kobudo and Hunter Fight Fit, all of which he currently holds third degree black belts in! Sensei Taj runs the centre along with Sensei Liana and Sensei Veronica and other black belts.

With classes of varied age groups running 5 days a week, there is plenty of training options for the whole family!

Age specific classes include:

Minimites (3-4 years)

Kindymites (5-6 years)

Dynamites (6-9 years)

Dragons (10-14 years)

Adults (14+ years)

Come down and see our friendly staff and join our martial arts family today!

Unleash your Potential at Hunter Valley Martial Arts Centre Green Hills

HVMAC is a registered Active Kids Provider!

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HVMAC Green Hills Timetable

Taj Hassan
Shidoin | Senior Instructor | Studio Principal

Sensei Taj began training in January of 2011. He was first awarded Black Belt in June of 2014. He attained his 3rd degree Black belt and the rank of Shidoin (senior Instructor) in June of 2020.

Sensei Taj also holds a 3rd Degree Black belt in Okinawan Kobudo as well as a 3rd Degree Black belt in our FightFit program.

Liana Hammersley
Instructor | Program Director

Sensei Liana began her training in February of 2019 after nearly two years of watching her two boys train. Liana attained her Shodan in June of 2022. Liana achieved her Kobudo black belt in 2023.

Sensei Liana was awarded Budoka (student) of the year in 2019.

Veronica Parra-Mariaca

Sensei Veronica began training in February of 2018. She attained the rank of Shodan in June of 2022 after 4 years of dedicated training. She was awarded Budoka of the Year for 2021 (Student of the Year).

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