Okinawa Kobudo Australia

Okinawa Kobudo Australia

Kobudo is the study of the ancient weapons of Okinawa. Kyoshi Brian Hayes holds a 6th degree black belt in Kobudo, which he has studied since meeting Shinpo Matayoshi in the mid 1990’s. The program offers study in the traditional weapons such as bo, sai, tunkwa, nunchaku, kama, eku and other traditional Okinawan weapons. With one of the largest traditional weapons schools in Australia, we offer expert and safe tuition in these fascinating Okinawan weapons. Kyoshi Hayes also holds an instructor licence in Philipine arnis, so students also enjoy modules of study in stick self defence.

Kobudo Pandas Junior Program

The Kobudo Panda’s program is offered for 6-12 year olds. They will improve their spatial awareness, coordination, strength and stability, ability to remember patterns and focus for sustained length of time. The Panda’s learn the same traditional Okinawan weapons as the adults on a simplified curriculum to allow them to work through a belt rank system. We have a lot of fun in our classes which are available at Warners Bay, Waratah, Morisset, Redhead and Greenhills.

Brian Hayes
Chief Instructor

Kyoshi Brian Hayes is Chief Instructor of the Hunter Valley Martial Arts Centre. A 6th Degree black belt in Matayoshi Kobudo, he supervises kobudo standards at all dojos and conducts senior training with HVMAC kobudo instructors.

Patrick Wong
Instructor Warners Bay

Sensei Pat attained his Kobudo Shihan in 2021. He has travelled to Okinawa several times to train with senior Matayoshi Kobudo instructors. Sensei Pat shares responsibility for the Warners Bay Kobudo program.

Anna Hayes
Head Instructor Warners Bay

Sensei Anna attained her Kobudo Sandan in 2021. She has travelled to Okinawa several times to train with Ishiki Sensei at the Naha Budokan, the home of traditional Okinawan martial arts. Sensei Anna is a senior instructor in Kobudo at the Warners Bay dojo.

Romany McGuffog
Instructor Warners Bay

Sensei Romany attained her Kobudo Nidan in 2020. She has been a key instructor at the Warners Bay dojo for many years and shares responsibility for the senior program.

Taj Hassan
Head Instructor Greenhills

Sensei Taj attained his Kobudo Nidan in 2020. Sensei Taj is owner and Chief Instructor at the Green Hills dojo.

Abi Lowe
Head Instructor Waratah

Shihan Abi Lowe is 4th Degree Black belt in karate and achieved her Nidan in Matayoshi Kobudo in 2022. She is owner and Chief Instructor at the Waratah Dojo.

Lesley Talbut
Head Instructor Morisset

Sensei Lesley attained her Kobudo Nidan in 2022. A third degree black belt in karate, Sensei Lesley is owner and chief Instructor of the Morisset dojo.

Daniel Casey
Instructor Warners Bay

Sensei Daniel attained his Kobudo Sandan ( third degree black belt)  in 2021. He is a key instructor in Kobudo at the Warners Bay dojo.

Joel Holland
Instructor Redhead

Sensei Joel attained his Kobudo Black Belt in 2020. He is responsible for the Kobudo program at the Redhead dojo.

Amber Holland
Instructor Redhead

Sensei Amber attained her Kobudo Black Belt in 2020. Along with her brother Joel, Sensei Amber teaches Kobudo at the Redhead dojo.

Erin Talbut
Instructor Redhead

Sensei Erin achieved her Kobudo black belt in 2022. 

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