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Hunter Valley Martial Arts Centre Warners Bay

The Hunter Valley Martial Arts Centre headquarters at Warners Bay was established in 1989 by Kyoshi Brian Hayes and Shihan Sandy Hayes, one of the first full-time martial arts centres in the region.  The Warners Bay centre is also the headquarters of the Australian Chitokai Karate Association. Sensei Anna Hayes and Mel Hayes took on the business in July 2023. The centre is still the training home of Chief Instructor Kyoshi Hayes and all Shihan and Shidoin (senior black belts). Classes for all ages and abilities are held every day, as well as Okinawan traditional weaponry (Matayoshi Kobudo) for adults and children, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for men, women and children, and Hunter Fight Fit (fitness kickboxing) for adults and children. We also have an extensive Pro-Shop so that our students and members of the public as well as instructors and students from other local martial arts schools, can buy their martial arts equipment locally.

We have staff at the front desk and shop from 11am to 7pm on weekdays and 9am to 12pm on Saturdays. 

 Age specific classes include:

Kinder Kicks – Jumping Joeys (18 months-3 years)

Minimites (3-4 years)

Kindymites (5-6 years)

Dynamites (6-9 years)

Dragons (9-14 years)

Adults (14+ years)

Wise Warriors (55+ yrs)

We also have Brazilian Jiu Jitsu from as young as 3 yrs, Matayoshi Kobudo (Weapons) from 6 yrs and Xtreme performance martial arts for children and adults from 6 yrs.

For those looking for some extra fitness, there is our fantastic Fight Fit program which combines fitness kickboxing and effective self defence in a dynamic workout from as young as 6 yrs.

Come down and see our friendly staff and join our martial arts family today!

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HVMAC Warners Bay Timetable
Brian Hayes
Kyoshi | Chief Instructor | HVMAC Principal

Kyoshi Brian Hayes has been teaching Chitokai Karate since 1983. He was graded to 7th Degree Black Belt by his instructor, Hanshi Ken Sakamoto, in Kumamoto in 2018. 

Sensei Hayes has won national titles in Arnis,  Koshiki karate and also as a NSW team member for 8 years at the  Australian Karate Federation national titles.

Competed in five Chito Ryu world titles, winning tournament Grand Champion in 2001 in Kumamoto Japan. 

Sensei Hayes is also a Silver level NCAS coach and  holds a Diploma  in Sports Coaching. 

Along with his wife, Shihan Sandy Hayes, he founded the Hunter Valley Martial Arts Centres, and is responsible as Chief Instructor for teacher training and grading standards at HVMAC dojos.

Sensei Hayes also holds a 6th Degree Black Belt in Matayoshi Kobudo, a Shodan in Iaido and a brown belt in Machado Brazilian Jiujitsu.

Sandy Hayes
Shihan | Master Instructor | HVMAC Principal

Shihan Sandy started Judo in a small town in British Columbia, Canada at the age of 11. She started karate in the 1980's at the age of 15. She was the only girl in the class. 

On the provincial team from 1986-1990 in Canada, and on the NSW state team 1992-1998. 

1986 Soke Cup - bronze in kata

1992 Soke Cup - bronze in kata and gold in team kumite 

Australian Karate Federation nationals - bronze in team kata 

Sensei Sandy is dedicated to empowering women and children in the community. She developed the Kindymites and Minimites programs, and the Fight Fit program. 


In Memoriam: Ash McKeller
Shihan | Master Instructor

Shihan Ashley McKellar, a fourth degree black belt, has trained in Chitokai karate since his early teen years. He has travelled the world studying martial arts, spending a year at a Shaolin temple, training in  Capoeira in Brazil and Tai Chi in Ireland. Shihan Ash has travelled to Kumamoto with Kyoshi Hayes multiple times to study with the Technical Director of Chitokai, Sakamoto Sensei. 

Shihan Ash was lost at sea in 2023. We will always remember his dedication, integrity, humility, and generosity. His contributions to Ryusei Chitokai Karate live on in our memories of him. 

Dr. Romany McGuffog
Shihan | Master Instructor

Shihan Romany is a Fourth degree Black belt in Chitokai and Third degree Black belt in Matayoshi Kobudo.

Shihan Romany is also a Psychologist with a Doctorate in Psychology from Newcastle University. Dr McGuffog brings a particular expertise to our leadership program, particularly in understanding the mind/body/social benefits of martial arts study.

Shihan Romany teaches kobudo and also advanced karate at the Warners Bay dojo.


Mel Hayes
Studio Principal

Mel started working at HVMAC Warners Bay as program director in August 2006. 

Mel is business partners with father-in-law Kyoshi Hayes in Rock and Water Australia. Mel is a skilled business, marketing and events manager. 

Mel also works with husband Ben Hayes at his Newcastle based media company Eluminate. 

Anna Hayes
Shidoin | Senior Instructor | Studio Principal

Sensei Anna began karate at the age of five in 2004 and attained her Third Degree Black Belt at age 20 in 2019. 

Sensei Anna joined the NSW state team, Australian Karate Federation, in 2015 at age 16 and placed first at her first National event that year in the Junior Kumite event. She continued competing in the state team for six years. 

Anna is also a Third Degree Black Belt in Matayoshi Kobudo, a Black Belt in the Hunter Fight Fit program and a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. 

Anna graduated her first bachelor degree in Communications majoring in media production in 2021 and became HVMAC's media manager. 

Kelie Fisher
Shidoin | Senior Instructor

Sensei Kelie started karate in 2011 and attained her black belt in 2014. She attained her Sandan in 2022. 

Sensei Kelie is a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (2023) and a black belt in Hunter Fight Fit (2014).

2017 Sydney champion in Australian Girls in Gi as a purple belt.

2nd place in National Machado Championships.

Bronze medalist in 2018 IFBJJ World Masters, top 50 IFBJJ rankings.

Sensei Kelie is our Head Coach for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at Hunter Valley Martial Arts Centre, which includes the Mat Rats kids BJJ program, and the Womens Only BJJ program. She also runs the Womens Empowerment program a few times a year. 

Joel Holland
Shidoin | Senior Instructor

Sensei Joel began karate in 2007, achieved his Dynamites black belt in 2009, and his Sandan in 2022. He achieved his Kobudo Nidan in 2023. Sensei Joel was in the NSW state team in 2020.

Rhee Ross
Program Director

Sensei Rhee is Program Director at the Warners Bay dojo.

A Shodan in Chitokai karate, Sensei Rhee has a great understanding of not only the dojo curriculum but the individual needs of over 400 students who train at Warners Bay.

Sensei Rhee is also an assistant instructor on the Xtreme Team and assists in demonstration coordination.

Kaia Hayes
Instructor and Assistant Program Director

Sensei Kaia began karate at the age of three in 2006. 

Sensei Kaia joined the NSW state team, Australian Karate Federation, at age 12 in 2015 and competed for NSW for six years. 

Kaia is studying a Bachelor of Psychology at the University of Newcastle. 

Zac Flick
Assistant Instructor

Sensei Zac gained his First Degree Black Belt in 2021.

Sensei Zac is an assistant instructor at the Warners Bay dojo.

Chloe Aletras
Assistant Program Director

Chloe is currently a Blue belt in the adults program at HVMAC Warners Bay. 

Reece Campbell
Assistant Instructor
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