Put these dates in your calendar!

Put these dates in your calendar!

As always HVMAC is a super busy place!
There is plenty going on and here are some dates for the calender to keep you up to date.

All of March – Upgrade Month
March 8th – All In Leadership + Referees Clinic
March 9th – BJJ Seminar with Anthony Lange
March 10th – Autumn Tournament
March 16th – Parents Knight Out at Warners Bay
March 21st – Sakamoto-sensei arrives!
March 25th to 28th – Classes with Sakamoto-sensei at Warners Bay
April 17th – Easter Egg Hunt at all 5 dojos
April 19th to 22nd – Closed for Easter
April 25th – Closed for ANZAC Day

Please check with your local dojo about things such as pre-testing clinics, and class times.

Thank you,

The HVMAC Team