Kinder Kicks

Kinder Kicks is a program developed for parents and children to exercise learn and play with a martial arts foundation. Children develop perseverance, self-control, courage and respect through a fun fitness curriculum with their parents.

HVMAC offers the ‘Jumping Joey’ & ‘Leadership Lion’ program at our Warners Bay and ‘Jumping Joey’ at Morisset Centres.

Jumping Joey – 18 months to 3 years
The Jumping Joey curriculum is designed for parents and toddlers to develop a lifelong love of physical exercise, exploration and learning together. Each class will explore basic motor and social skills, increased physical strength, flexibility and coordination by employing introductory martial art skills and fitness concepts. Awareness of spatial and perceptual concepts, self-expression and a greater independence are encouraged and celebrated.

Leadership Lion – 3 to 4 years
The Leadership Lion curriculum nurtures your child’s independence and encourages a positive attitude toward physical exercise through basic martial arts techniques and fitness concepts. Children develop balance, coordination, body awareness and motor skills which help emphasize flexibility, confidence and emotional well-being.

HVMAC took on the Kinder Kicks program in 2014 as a way to provide a class for children too young for the Kindymites program. We firmly believe that martial arts is a beneficial sport for children of all ages and Kinder Kicks is excellent entry program for pre-school children. Once children are ready, they are able to join our Kindymites program, which is designed for 5 to 6 year olds.

Kinder Kicks is a 10 week, term-based program and classes run for 40-45 minutes with limited class sizes.

Jumping Joey: Wednesdays @ 10.30am at Warners Bay, and Wednesdays @ 9.30am at Morisset.
Leadership Lion: Tuesdays @ 3.50pm at Warners Bay.

What to wear: The class has a lot of parent involvement so students and parents are asked to wear comfortable clothes they can move in (like gym clothes).
Class size: classes are limited to 10-15 students so book in now!

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