HVMAC has Extreme Success at ISKA World Cup Sydney

HVMAC has Extreme Success at ISKA World Cup Sydney

Chitokai second degree black belt and Hunter Extreme member, Rachinee Peel-Sasaromya, takes out the International Sports Karate Association (ISKA) World Cup for 16-17yrs Extreme Musical Forms. She then placed 2nd in the 18+yrs event, making her the World Grand Champion runner up for Extreme Musical Forms.

Hunter Xtreme combines Chitokai karate and gymnastics. Rachinee has the creative freedom to combine her love of aerial cartwheels and displays of extreme flexibility with powerful traditional karate techniques and stances. She then times this to music to which she can perform to a captivated audience at many HVMAC events and ISKA tournaments.

Four more HVMAC students also claimed World Cup Titles this year; Breanne Allado 1st in 10-11yrs Traditional Forms, James Le Breton 1st in 12-13yrs Traditional Forms, Jonah Haines 2nd in 18yrs+ Extreme Musical Forms and 3rd in 18yrs+ Tricking Singles Battles. On a side note, Rachinee also placed first in 16-17yrs Sumo.

“The program (Hunter Xtreme) gives students the chance to get creative with their karate. Especially those kids that are super flexible or love doing things in the air, it gives them that freedom to explore their body mechanics in a different way.” Says Sensei Brian Hayes, HVMAC Chief Instructor.